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Hi, I'm Rafael

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I'm a software engineer and artist from Hamburg, creating web applications, games, music and everything else that's exciting.

About me

As a software engineer, I work hard to produce maintainable, robust applications that are both useful to and usable for users. I know that to achieve this, a good team is key, so my top priorities are fostering communication, optimizing workflows to reduce bureaucracy and keeping an eye on the codebase as a whole to prevent technical road stops in the future.

As an artist, I'm fascinated by everything creative, and have tried my hand at painting, making electronic music, all kinds of generative art, 2D and 3D animation and storytelling. All of these lead to my passion for game development.


Song Sonar (source)
📻 A smart Spotify playlist with new releases of artists you follow.

2 Planets (source)
🪐 A mini basebuilding space duel game.
Godot, Aseprite

YouTube / Mixcloud
🎛 DJ sets, sometimes with visualizations.
Mixxx, Blender

🍌 An entity component system library for the love2d game engine.

Hyper Oktagon (source)
🛑 A fast-paced arcade game from the future.


While German is my mother tongue, I'm a fluent English speaker and capable of basic communication in Spanish.

I like to learn, and continue to adopt new languages and frameworks all the time. I'm also used to quickly working into existing codebases.

I have about a decade of professional web development experience in all the areas it touches: backend, frontend, SQL/NoSQL, DevOps, and traditional server administration. Some of my favorite languages for web development are Elm, Rust and Python, but through work I've gathered lots of experience in Ruby, PHP, JS and TypeScript as well.

For making games, I use Godot, Blender, Aseprite and Reaper. In university, I've done some VR Projects in Unity. I prefer tools that are open source and run on Linux, but try to stay pragmatic, booting up a Windows VM from time to time.

Contact me

Email me at hello@rafa.ee or find me on Twitter and Mastodon.